Wednesday, 6 June 2018


In the LRS Studios AW17 show, Raul Solis made a political statement as a proud man of Mexican heritage. With the state of the USA at the time with new President, Donald Trump, Raul Solis sent models down his runway bearing all in with underwear reading 'No Ban No Wall' and 'Fuck Your Wall.' 

This issue was extremely important to Raul Solis and he stated; "It would seem wasteful to have a platform and not be able to speak up on an issue that is extremely important."

The rest of the collection was based on "rebellious youth" and a "celebration of fun and creative rebellion." The collection is full of metallic and glitter and the creative, fun rebellious nature of the collection is what is needed in Trump's America.  

I personally love the idea of using politics within fashion shows. I think that what Solis said about having a platform and using it for good is so important. Bigger brands, with higher budgets and wider audiences, should take a similar more direct approach and stop being so scared to have a clear strong opinion on issues. Fashion, Art, Music; its all an expression of yourself and of your own opinions so I don't understand why more brands are not pushing similar political statements forward in a world that is so evidently full of strain and challenge for many people due to the political happenings of today.



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