Friday, 8 June 2018


With 'Love Island' starting this week, I just thought about writing a blog post on the influencers that the show instantly creates. For the last couple of seasons of 'Love Island'  the show has produced many social media sensations such as Olivia Buckland, Kem Cetinay and Olivia Atwood. Alongside being TV personalities they're also social media influencers promoting products and having their own clothing ranges etc. Since there appearances on the show love islanders have landed jobs on, this morning, Lorraine, dancing one ice and have also collaborated with clothing brands such as 'InTheStyle' and 'Motel Rocks.' 

I think that reality TV is everyones guilty pleasure so its understandable why the show produces so much fame for the contestants. Some of last years islanders have almost 2 million Instagram followers and this years contestants are already raking in the followers before they have even left the show. Eyal Booker has raised his Instagram followers the most out of all the new contestants, with a huge 92,000 more Instagram followers and Danny Dyers daughter, Danni Dyer is the female that has gained the most followers from the show, raising her followers by 69,000 despite the fact the show hasn't even been on a week yet! 

It's crazy how people are so obsessed with the show! It is car crash telly, but I love it! I read something the other day about how the contestants are all so beautiful that they're followers are already quite high and some people are disappointed that the show isn't bringing in 'normal' people, but I also read that the show is not looking for celebrities but the people in your home town, that everyone knows and fancies. 

I'm very excited for this seasons contestants and I think this year, I'm going to be selective on which influencers I choose to follow, because I always end up following too many and then regret it because the ones that don't do so well, fill my timeline with teeth whitening kits and only fans accounts. 




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