Monday, 4 June 2018


Whilst researching for my most recent project I came across the website called 'The Loop' which is an organisation that promotes safety in drug use through testing at club events or festivals. Whilst researching I found a list of ways to be safer when using drugs that I think that everyone needs to read. I have found researching this so interesting because I know so many people that do use drugs regularly and I think that it is helpful to know what to do to prevent things getting out of hand.  

I think that its a really obvious thing to say, but people always seem to forget about it when they've had a drink, even myself at times. But sticking together and looking after each other is so important. I think that it is important to note that if someone is in a really bad way on drugs or alcohol, the staff are not there to judge or penalise people, but to help them. Getting kicked out of a nightclub for being in a bad way is not as bad as friend being carried away in an ambulance.

I know that on a night out its easy to loose friends and stuff, but its important to stay in contact through your phone or have regular meet up points. It sounds so riduculous and obviously isn't for all cases. On a night out in your local club you probably don't need to have a regular meet up point, but at big events and festivals it is probably a good idea. 

If a friend is in a bad way, or wants to leave early and they are in a fit state to get themselves home safely, put them in a taxi and take note of the car registration number!

Ive been to a few festivals and the state I have seen some people on from using drugs is so disturbing. I understand that people use drugs to have a good time and a lot of the time people are still in control. When they loose control of themselves and become quite frankly, scary to look at, then I think there is an issue. I think that 'The Loop' is such an incredible organisation because regardless of wether people agree with it or not, young people are going to use drugs so its important that they are at least doing it as safely as possible. I think getting your drugs tested confidentially, without having them taken off you is a good way of ensuring no-one is doing drugs that are going to instantly kill them which is happened so many times over the years. For people that are going to their first festival, drugs can be very tempting and it is likely that people will try it for the first time so its important that they at least have the option to ensure their safety and have all the information they need. 

I don't really understand why people wouldn't use services such as 'The Loop' at festivals and club events. Its nothing but laziness really. I don't have an issue with people that use drugs but I just think that they should use it as safely as possible because that pill you put in your mouth could literally kill you. In my opinion its really important to educate yourself on anything you do, especially something as serious as drug use. 




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