Monday, 4 June 2018


Why is the world so obsessed with celebrity families? 

It’s crazy when you think about all of the famous families that have been around over the past few years and how obsessed people have been with them. Wether it’s the OG’s of reality TV, ‘The Osbourne’s’ or the latest global obsession, ‘The Kardashians.’ 

Just off the top of my head I can list numerous famous families that people couldn’t stop being infatuated by: 
-The Osbourne’s 
-The Hilton’s 
-The Beckhams 
-The Lohans 
-The Kardashians 
-The Hadids 

I think the reason why people love these families is because family drama is so entertaining. People can relate to them all falling out and making up 10 minute later and also being there for each other when it is needed. When this is seen on screen people just become hooked. 

The families that people are most obsessed with are those with their own reality TV shows and those that don’t have reality shows are completely run by scandal and celebrity gossip. As a generation that loves car crash tv, I think many people aspire to become something from just their personality. People have such a negative opinion of reality stars but I just think if you can make a career out of literally being yourself then why on earth would you not? 

These famous families have become more than just entertainment now. They have become business’s machines that produce starlet children. I think that it must put such a strain on family dynamics when business decisions are merged with family morals. The big question is wether or not it’s morally right. My answer is that I don’t really know or care, I enjoy watching and be engaged with these families as well as the next person and I just think there’s bigger things in the world to worry about rather than wether or not the Kardashians are actually happy. 





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