Sunday, 3 June 2018


Whilst researching for my project I came across the macro trend about being 'in touch' with yourself. I think that it is a really interesting an exciting trend to inspire lots of exciting things in the next few years. As a generation we are very superficial and self-obsessed but I feel a thought that can't last forever and eventually we are going to want to connect with things that touch us personally. Wether thats buying a product, having a new experience or new technology, if it is in touch with our emotions, then it will be something everyone will relate too and want. 
WGSN said this about the macro trend: "In a time of constant change, consumers swing between obsessively tracking their personal data, social media and the news to wanting to opt out entirely. One thing is for sure, by next year people will want to get back in touch with the things that touch them, both emotionally and physically, including sexuality, moods, microbes and food."
If I'm honest I can't really imagine people want to opt out of social media entirely. Its something that is part of youth culture and I would go as far as to say its become a bit of an addiction for people. However I can see the benefit in it. If someone writes a tweet and it gets enough likes or retweets, people believe it regardless of the facts or evidence behind it. Its actually quite dangerous, and its the same with the news, its scary how brainwashed we all are about whats going on. Sometimes I think am I being brainwashed into thinking were all being brainwashed. I think the truth is no-one really has a clue whats going on so sometimes its best to just admit defeat and not even try and figure it out. 
I actually think that this trend will make my generation a happier one. I think were all so consumed in what everyone else is doing, and I think we all need time to ourselves sometimes.


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