Friday, 25 May 2018


People genuinely think that I'm crazy when I talk about spirituality and I understand that some of it seems so wild and unrealistic. I originally started to become fascinated with spirituality when my sister got some angel cards. We sat and did them and the results were insane. I was so obsessed that I started looking at my horoscope regularly and I even bought my own set of angel cards!

My mum has always gone to see Fortune Tellers, Clairvoyants or whatever you want to call them and I have been so intrigued by it all and have been counting down the days until I could go and see one myself. Although when I turned 18 and the moment came I got a bit scared.

Despite this, a few weeks ago I went to see a Clairvoyant and I can honestly say that the experience was amazing. She knew things about me that there was just no way she could find out. She connected with close family members that have passed aswell as people that I hardly even knew. She did not even know my name so there is no way she could 'look at my Facebook' which is a comment made by almost everyone haha. 

I think I have become addicted to the whole idea of spirituality and I really want to look into it further. 



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