Wednesday, 23 May 2018


On May 25th a vote will take place in Northern Ireland on wether or not to repeal the 8th amendment of the Irish Constitution. It is basically a law in place that means women cannot legally get abortions. 

If I am completely honest, I think that it is absolutely disgusting that people would think for one second that anyone had the right to enforce someone to keep a baby that they didn't want to. How can people expect women to be treated equally to men when they have no right over their own bodies in the same way that men do? Any Irish person that votes to keep this law is absolutely not a feminist in my opinion. 

It honestly breaks my heart that women in Northern Island have to face that struggle and are forced to keep a baby regardless of their situation or their reasoning behind getting pregnant. Regardless of what happened, wether its something as minor as a one night stand or as serious as being raped, a woman should ALWAYS have the choice. 

Despite this, anyone that knows me will know that I can't stand people that don't take abortion seriously. I can't tolerate people joking about 'just getting rid of it' if they were to accidentally become pregnant. There are many women across the world that would do anything for a child and there are women that have lost their babies so I don't think that anyone should take the decision of getting an abortion lightly. However women should always have the choice. 

 After watching this video (The Undecided Vote) I feel that it really hits the nail on the head. You don't have to agree with abortion, you dont have to have one yourself, but voting yes for Irish women to have the choice will ensure their safety because regardless of the result, women will still have abortions, even if it means fleeing the country, or doing it in a dangerous, non medical way, so why put those women at risk? There are so many women that do this and its highlighted through the 'In Her Shoes' Facebook campaign in which Irish women tell some of their heartbreaking stories. 

I feel as though it is really important for men to speak up and support women at times like this because silence is complicity. This video, (Heartbreak) a piece of spoken word written and spoken by Emmet Kirwan, really touched me. It's about how Irish women are treated and as the video comes to an end it implies that the story is personal to the performer.

The amount of campaigns and creative videos are amazing. It showcases why creativity matters and how it can make a difference to society and politics.




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