Friday, 18 May 2018


There are two things that people do at the Met Gala that I really can't stand. People that don't do the theme and people that over do the theme. 

I was so disappointed with Kendall and Kylie's looks this year. Don't get me wrong I think that they both still look absolutely insane but the 'references' (I use that term very loosely) to the theme are just too subtle. I remember hearing in a red carpet interview with Kylie and Alexander Wang that the back of her dress symbolises a thrown!? The look is cool but it just doesn't resonate with the theme in my opinion. 

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott in Alexander Wang. 
Kendall Jenner in Off-White. 

Kendall did look incredible and to collaborate with Off-White is exciting and something quite different. The look is stunning, but I just think its more VMAs than the Met. I can see the subtle references with the corset detailing and the over elbow gloves but I just don't think the reference to the theme is strong enough. 

I love the theatrical element of the Met Ball but I just feel that sometimes people forget the glamour of the event and the looks end up looking a bit like a pantomime costume. With Katy Perry, the only thing interesting about the outfit is the wings. The dress and the boots just look like one of her tour costumes, its just not met gala ready in my opinion. The wings take it to another level and she knew that it would grab peoples attention, but for me personally, putting a pair of oversized wings on a pretty boring dress is a bit of a cop out. 

Katy Perry in Versace. 
Cardi B and Jeremy Scott in Moschino. 
Sarah Jessica Parker in Dolce and Gabanna. 

Cardi B's look would have been one of my favourites if it wasn't for that weird puffy veil. The dress is so beautifully embellished and would look stunning on its own. The headpiece was a little bit off and wasn't secured in the right place and I think that this made the look a bit costume like. There is no room for error at the met gala and in that respect I do feel for these celebrities a little bit. The pressure must be insane. 

AND FINALLY, Sarah Jessica Parker. I don't really have a lot to say apart from the fact she looks like a walking, talking, Ferrero Roche valentines campaign. 



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