Friday, 18 May 2018


These are my top 6 favourite looks from this years Met Gala themed around 'Heavenly Bodies' and how fashion has been influenced by 'Catholic Imagination.' 

1. Rihanna in Maison Margiela by John Galliano.

Of course the Queen of the Met Ball has arrived and looks absolutely insane. She has everything right, from the outfit to the slick hair and moody makeup. Despite this I do think that this is one of Rihanna's more predictable looks. She is the iconic queen of fashion so when it comes to Catholicism, it only makes sense that she would embody the leader of the Catholic Church.  From the moment I saw Beyonce in her elaborate Cleopatra esk headwear in her opening of Coachella it just clicked in my head that Rihanna was going to rock the popes hat at the Met Gala. To be fair though, with a look this good and polished it really doesn't matter if it was a bit predictable. 

2. Cara Delevingne in Dior.

I think this look is so different to everyone else and is so interesting and unique. Cara is known for her edginess and she has really brought her own personal style to the gala and more importantly the theme. I am one of those people that feel as though people that don't go with the theme are not worthy  of being on any best dressed list or whatever. I just think that with the unlimited money that these A listers have, they should embrace the theme and create something interesting and fascinating like Cara's Dior look. 

3. SZA in Versace. 

There were a lot of these elaborate head dresses on this years carpet, but I feel as though SZA is the clear winner. The look she has created is so beautiful and I feel as though she has really embraced the theme with the beading and headdress. The embellished boots that were with this dress really MADE this look THE look.

4. Kim Kardashian in Versace. 

This look was incredible. With all the controversy around her newest fragrance bottle shaped as her own body, there is no lie there, her body looks INSANE. She was the only member of the Kardashian Klan that really wowed me this year. Kim is known for body, body, body. This dress is showing off her new physique at every angle and she knows that people go wild over her body based looks every year. Kim is consistent to say the least with her Met looks, apart from that Mrs Doubtfire look back at her first apperance in 2013 haha. 

5. Stella Maxwell in Moschino. 

You can always count on Jeremy Scott to bring the fun factor to the red carpet! I just think that this look is so exciting. It encapsulates the theme perfectly and it is so detailed that its immediately eye catching in all of the photographs. I think this look has just the right balance as some people can embrace the theme a little too much, to the point where it can look like a fancy dress costume. I feel that the Moschino looks this year are very much on that line, some above and some below haha. 

6. Blake Lively in Versace. 

WATCH OUT RIRI! Blake Lively is coming for your crown. She NEVER disappoints. Her looks are always immaculate, on theme and beautifully polished and put together. Versace as a brand this year are WINNING. Three out of the six of my top looks this year are Versace and that is saying something. Go Donatella! Girl Power! 

Overall I think that this years theme was so interesting and I know its been controversial, but in this day and age, in my opinion, if what your doing doesn't offend someone than its probably quite boring and not worth doing. 




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