Monday, 30 April 2018


Back in November 2017, Kim Kardashian realised created her own fragrance brand. I feel as though she wanted to escape the tacky, cliche celebrity fragrance and build a business based around something more than just her name. Obviously the fact that she is arguably the most famous woman in the world, helps. 

She launched the 3 crystal fragrances named, 'Crystal Gardenia', 'Crystal Gardenia Citrus' and 'Crystal Gardenia Oud.' I personally like the visuals for these fragrances as I like the simplicity of the photographs. I like the idea behind the fragrance as Kim has since spoken about the inspiration behind the fragrance being healing crystals that she used to recover after her horrific Paris robbery in 2016.

KKW's second fragrance launch was very much the opposite of her first launch. These fragrances were for a limited time only for valentines day and would not be restocked. Of course they sold out because there was such a buzz around the product alongside Kim herself. I personally don't like the campaign for this fragrance. I think the oversized bottle thing, is overdone and I think its a little bit boring to look at visually. I think that the point of the set of images is to be quite humorous, light-hearted and kitsch but I feel that it has missed the mark a little. However one thing that I really liked about this launch was the press boxes. They were giant chocolate hearts that came with a hammer and you had to smash the chocolate open to reveal the fragrance surrounded by lots of sweet treats. The press boxes created such a buzz on social media specifically because Kim leaked a list of the people that she was sending the press boxes too, some of whom were her close friends and others were people that she has been known to feud with such as Blac Chyna, Taylor Swift and Lindsay Lohan. The shade was thrown and people didn't stop talking about it and again it's this idea of scandal making things sell.  

The newest fragrance to come from KKW is called 'KKW BODY.' Kim is well known for her nudity on social media so I am not at all surprised that she would encapsulate this and make a business from it. I personally don't see anything wrong with a woman showing her naked body on social media. As a feminist I feel as though it is a human being's choice to do whatever they wants to do as long they are not hurting anyone. There has been recent controversy in which people are saying the bottle design on Kim's newest fragrance is very similar to the Jean Paul Gaultier design. I personally like this fragrance campaign. I think it has a feminist element to it and I feel as though it is a lot more tasteful than those horrifically vulgar Tom Ford campaign photgraphs that were for their first mens fragrance. 




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