Tuesday, 29 May 2018


In terms of online influencers, over the years, the platforms they produce their content on has changed so much. It started off being very much about blogs, then it went to youtube and now I feel that Instagram is the main point of focus in terms of fashion bloggers.

I really love to look at Instagram accounts that are so well put together and one of my goals this year is to create a really good Instagram page! I think that people like to use Instagram because it is a very quick way of accessing what your looking for. Sometimes people don't feel like reading a whole blog post, or watching a 20 minute haul on youtube. They would much rather scroll through their favourite influencers Instagram page, look at an outfit, product, or location that they like the look of and good bloggers, share with their followers, where things or from or where things are. There is nothing worse than those instagrammers that post imagery and won't tell anyone the location or where things are from. The whole point of being an influncer is to influence people to buy and do exciting and inspiring things, so if your not doing that, then you are not really doing a good job. 

I think that Instagram is at its absolute peak and it will be very interesting to see what is the next big craze that people will obsess over. 

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