Tuesday, 10 April 2018


 Recently I attended by first exhibition and funnily enough it was a showcase for all of the FCP first year work. It was a really great event and a celebration of all of the effort us first years have put in! I was worried that it might be quite an intimidating process because, before uni, exhibitions have never really been a part of my lifestyle. I felt as though they were something only people that were really posh and well-spoken went to and believe me, I am the opposite of that.  But to see my work up on the wall was something I felt so much pride for and any other feelings of uncertainty or anxiety just disappeared. This may have been something to do with the free glass of wine which may or may not have led to another glass, a bottle of prosecco, two cocktails and a lot more binge drinking, but I blame it on the exhibition to be completely honest. Despite my unease the whole exhibition experience has inspired me to attend a lot more of them in the future (not just ones that showcase my own work haha.)



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