Friday, 16 March 2018


Recently on a trip to London, as part of our fragrance project, we set out to do some primary research and what we found was actually extremely interesting. Before we went, we were really stuck for inspiration, however after visiting London we got a lot insights and it has really helped with our idea process. We set out to notice re-occurring trends and to spot upcoming trends that we could take further into the idea process by talking to sales associates and collecting imagery.  We noticed a lot of impressive visual merchandising around London that enticed us to enter stores. There were two re-occurring trends that we noticed everywhere in London, one being ‘British Woodland’ and the other being ‘Floral Femininity.’

British Woodland came from the idea that many stores were going for classical British stories to entice the traditional English gentleman. This was presented through minimalism, greenery, wood and countryside elements. Floral Femininity is a classical fragrance trend that we noticed continuously throughout the day. The floral trees and oversized floral bottles are all to attract not only feminine women but the Instagram obsessed youth.

With it being international women’s day when we were in London we saw a lot of references to this in shop windows etc. Originally, we didn’t really connect it to anything because we were researching a male consumer, however after talking to sales associates and hearing about male fragrance becoming more feminine we started to think about some ideas that referenced fragile masculinity.




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