Thursday, 15 March 2018


ASOS are well known for producing campaigns that celebrate diversity. In this blog post im going to talk about two of the newest campaigns that I personally feel are so interesting and are really celebrating the idea of just being yourself.

The ‘GO PLAY’  face and body campaign was released in September and it showcases a diverse range of models that differentiate from the typical, fresh faced, natural beauty that you would expect to see in a skincare campaign for companies such as ‘Dove’ or ‘Celine’. A particular phrase from the campaign that I personally feel matches the brands identity and really emphasises what ASOS stands for is “I am flawed. I am fabulous. I am me.”

The more recent campaign ‘More Reasons to Move’  came out in January and it is for the launch of ASOS’ new active wear range; ‘4505’. Again, the models in the video are breaking the social norm and are not what you would expect to see in an active wear campaign for ‘Nike’ or ‘Speedo.’ The diversity is evident with people of all different shapes, sizes, races, genders and disabilities. So many people were hugely impressed by this particular campaign because it was not only celebrating diversity, but it was celebrating it in a fun, bold, exciting way rather than patronising people that are different by making it overly emphasised on the fact that they are ‘showing diverse people’ like I feel many brands do.




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