Saturday, 6 January 2018


Earlier on in the year, I had a lecture on the idea of Visual Contrast. It was something that really fascinated me as it was something that I instantly understood (not like a lot of the content on this course haha.) It was so easy to understand because it is everywhere, and since the lecture I have noticed it so much in campaigns, social media, magazines and just everyday life. Here are a few particular examples of visual contrast that I find visually appealing. 


This is probably one of the most obvious forms of visual contrast and it is pretty self explanatory. You see it everywhere. In fact a lot of the time you see it all over social media with people editing their backgrounds to black and white to match their monochrome aesthetic, whilst keeping the focal point in colour. 


This is another form of visual contrast that I personally feel is a little bit overused. We get it. Women can wear suits and they look amazing. But if you want to create a strong feminist message I feel as though people need to be more creative and not keep using this stereotypical cliche. You can show this visual contrast in so many more innovative ways.  Make a male models face feminine or vice versa. There is more to it than putting a woman in a suit. Despite that, I personally feel as though this image above is more than the cliche. It's not trying to add the sex appeal that many stylists add to this idea.The suits are fitted like they would be on your Dad. Relaxed, slouched, effortless. I think that pairing the suit with heels ruins it. You can see the visual contrast between male and female by looking at the femininity of the models face. The heel is too much and somewhat unnecessary. 


I don't really know what it is about mixing warm and cool colours. It is just so visually appealing. The above photograph, is probably my favourite out of all of the images in this post. There isn't a lot to it and its very simple but it is just a beautiful photograph. I think thats the best thing about visual contrast. It can bring quite an average concept to life infant of a lens producing stunning imagery. 


The idea of 'High vs. Low culture' as a visual contrast fascinated me instantly. Its everywhere. How many times have you seen a beautiful model, wearing the most luxurious clothes in a supermarket or a landfill? Its crazy. Rihanna did it for Paper MagazineStella McCartney's AW17 campaign. There are so many examples and it just shows that these were just two examples that instantly popped into my head as I sat down here to write this blog at 1am (My sleeping pattern is completely out of the window.)




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