Saturday, 6 January 2018


Could 3D printing be the future of fashion? 

Absolutely. Can you imagine not having an outfit for an event and instead of paying almost £10 for next day delivery you just print your outfit off. That is crazy. But its something that in the near future, could be part of our everyday life. 

Now I see the positives and negatives. At the moment, because its something new, its exciting and to wear an item of clothing that has been 3D printed is super cool and fashion forward but if it becomes something that everyone can do, then people will then want clothes that they always wore before hand. And then whats that? Does that make the pair of jeans you got in the Christmas sale, vintage? I think its quite an exciting thought.

If you look at a lot of 3D printed clothing, it doesn't exactly look comfortable does it? If there are more people on this earth like my mum that can't even wear mesh or velvet without having a breakdown because it 'itches' or 'makes her teeth go funny' then I can't imagine they will cope well with 3D printing because I doubt it is a luxurious, comfortable material.

Overall, to answer the question, I do think that 3D printing can be the future of fashion, but without development, I think it will be a fad that will pass on quite quickly. People like to be different, so if 3D printing is the future, then people will rebel against it. I think thats a generational thing. Were a generation that constantly feel the need to be different, individual and rebellious. 



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