Monday, 15 January 2018


Walking down fifth avenue was honestly like being in a movie. Gucci's windows were impeccable and so beautifully presented. I liked the simplicity of the backgrounds and props and it allowed the clothes to speak for themselves.

Before entering this shop we had been to Tiffany's. These two shop experiences were of total opposites. When entering Tiffany's it was definitely an experience with the chauffered lifts and elitist atmosphere. Despite the fact that the girls I was with being very keen to purchase some jewellery a lot of the staff avoided us and I think thats because were not typically their ideal customer. So because of this, I was quite worried to go into Gucci. 

However, it was probably one of the friendliest atmospheres I had experienced in any of the flagship stores. The staff were extremely friendly and complementary of us the moment we stepped in. We explored the entire store but unfortunately we were not able to take photographs. The staff were always trying to engage in conversation and were as helpful as they could be! 

Despite this, when we went back to the Gucci store for the second time, the vibe was a little different.  Unfortunately it was a little bit like our experience at Tiffany's. The staff were different so maybe we just went on a bad day but I just think it is very unfair how many customer assistants in these huge brand stores look down on people that are not their typical client. My friend came into the store seriously thinking about buying a ring but after the lack of friendly service she decided against it. I think that says it all really. If people were less rude and didn't look down on people then Gucci would be 400 dollars richer. 



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