Friday, 24 November 2017



Zendaya, the Disney star that has gone on to become a recording artist and actress, has already made her mark on the fashion world. In my opinion, fashion is what Zendaya is most famous for. Her looks are daring and often provoke controversy. Zendaya is well known for her looks being so striking and celebrating black culture. She often does this by embracing hairstyles that are a part of black history.

The child star appears across Disney Channel and is an upcoming starlet in terms of fashion. Despite her looks being somewhat controversial in the media as they have been branded 'age inappropriate' I personally think that her looks are playful and not anything that is particularly offensive. I can imagine this young actress following in the footsteps of Zendaya, being invited to elite events such as the Met Gala and being a future fashion icon.

The young actress stars in the TV series 'Stranger Things' which has now become a sensation and a global franchise. The success of the show has resulted in a 'Stranger Things' range of clothing with Topman and a 'Stranger Things Experience' in the Topman store on Oxford Circus. This year the TV series has become a social media obsession resulting in it becoming part of our culture. This exposure has forced all of the cast into the limelight, but Millie Bobby Brown, being the predominant female role, has taken this opportunity to showcase her fascinating style. Like Skai Jackson, I can see this young starlet, attending the Met Gala in future years, and being labelled a fashion icon. 




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