Thursday, 21 December 2017



For the final outcome stage of this project we had to create a final set of photographic images. Our photoshoot was a conceptual take on the issue of global warming and how much of an effect pollution has on our environment. After deconstructing our initial ideas, we combined this issue with sci-fi, as we wanted to take this idea and develop it in a more abstract way. The sci-fi idea came from our earlier five descriptive words which were inspired by a photoshoot by Mario Sorrenti called 'Beautiful Stranger.' They were: 

- Contemporary

- Juxtaposition

- Lateral

- Obscure 

- Turbulent 

Each group was given an accessory that they would have to use within their images. We were given a bag. The words 'obscure' and 'turbulent' were the words we decided that we wanted to develop into our final outcome. The theme of pollution was developed from the word 'turbulent' due to the connotations of natural disasters caused by global warming and what they cause and leave behind. It was this that inspired the assortment of props/materials used such as; tinfoil, LED lights, plastic wrap and a transparent backpack. 

The narrative we created involved an obscure alien-like creature that is trapped in pollutive waste. An alien being trapped in 'space waste' was intentionally imitating an animal on earth that was caught in pollutive waste. We researched three different types of pollution; light pollution, space pollution and fast fashion. Light pollution is demonstrated through the LED lights, space pollution, through the whole narrative, specifically the tin foil. Finally the transparent bag symbolises fast fashion and how we throw things away carelessly once it has been used once or twice. 




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