Sunday, 31 December 2017


This year has been one of the most testing years of my life. So much has gone on and I have changed so much as a person, specifically in the last few months of the year.  Despite this year being challenging it really has been one of the best years of my life and I have such a positive outlook on 2018. I feel as though this year is going to be my year and I'm really going to find myself as a person. 


1. As cringe as it sounds, the phrase 'YOLO' has never been more appropriate for my new year mindset. Im going to live every moment as if it were my last and not read into things too much and just appreciate how things are in the moment. 

2. Be less guarded. Since coming to uni I have made so many amazing friends and thats because I have tried to be less guarded and more open with people. I hope to continue with this attitude so that I can go forward and meet more amazing people and make the most fantastic friends. 

3. Take more photographs. I never take photographs. I am that friend that says, oh take it on your phone and just send me it another time. This year I want to take so many amazing photos that I can keep to make amazing memories. 

4. I really want to find my personal style. I think that I have just been wandering around in basic clothes and sliding on a statement piece just to make my outfit 'interesting.' I want to find a style that is just right for me, as at the moment I feel as though I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and I'm not really feeling any of my clothes at the moment. 

5. Number 5 is for me to do well and complete my first year with success. To do that I need to stick to my 6th resolution. 

6. I need routine in my life. I need to create a routine for myself so that I can stick to blogging, sketch booking and my set work without getting behind on it all. 

7. I need to stop stressing over things that I can't control. I'm the biggest over thinker and I need to try and change that. I don't want to completely get rid of this trait because thats what make me who I am, I do care about people and maybe sometimes its too much and I end up getting myself in situations that I don't really need to be in. 

8. I want to aim to create a more active lifestyle for myself. It is so easy to eat food that is so unhealthy for you because its quick, easy and CHEAP! I want to eat more healthily and go to the gym. Again working this into some kind of routine. 

9. One thing that I have started to do in the past few months since being at uni is becoming more independent. I am hoping to continue with that. 

10. As I'm sure is the case for everyone, my aim for this next year is to be completely happy and for this year to be one I will always remember. 



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