Thursday, 28 December 2017


With online shopping becoming my main source of buying clothes I have realised that I barely shop in stores anymore. I don't think that nowadays many people do. With online shopping technology forever improving the problems behind it are vastly disappearing. 

Shopping instore is useful for trying on clothes before you buy them, yet online brands such as ASOS are solving problems like this by creating services such as 'try before you buy.'  There are many problems that online brands are solving to ensure people purchase clothing online rather than in store. 

With this being the case, stores need something more, they need to up their game. I think its important for stores to create an experience for their customers. Simply shopping in a standard boring store isn't enough. Pop up stores that are fun and creative are exactly what everyday stores need to be like because no-one wants to look round a shop anymore for many reasons; it doesn't stock everything from the brand and it includes paying for transport to visit the store. I don't think that they should try and solve these problems because there is no competing with online shopping, but maybe just embrace a new form of in store shopping by embracing individuality and creating a fun experience for the customer. 



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