Monday, 27 November 2017


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Adding a famous face to a brand is something that is so common nowadays. Wether it is global stars like Kendall Jenner being the face of Estee Lauder or UK reality stars bringing out clothing ranges all over the internet, celebrity endorsement is a key marketing tools for many businesses. 

I personally feel as though Instagram promotions are dying out. It's become something that isn't really that special anymore. It seems to be the case that almost anyone can earn money from promoting on Instagram as long as they have a certain amount of followers. I think its lost its authenticity. Not long ago it was the Instagram elite posting sponsored content; instagrammers, bloggers and influencers, whereas now its seems to be too easy to grab your self a 10% discount code for your followers. 

Reality stars are well known and often mocked for their consistent posting of sponsored content.  I think people are irritated by it because the same products are posted by the same type of people. People are sick of seeing Love Island and Big Brother reality stars sponsoring teeth whitening kits and charcoal face masks. 

Huge global stars are the way to make things sell. If a Kardashian is wearing something, wether you like it or not, so is half of the world. I didn't even realise that 'pay for play' was even a thing, but after researching into it, I realised how much it influences fashion trends today. 'Pay for Play' is when a celebrity is payed to wear an item of clothing from a brand in a casual setting. For example going to the supermarket or running errands. The key to the success of this technique is that the celebrity has to be extremely famous as what makes the item sell is when the star is photographed by paparazzi and is shared online. This is such a clever marketing technique because despite having to pay for the celebitry to wear the clothing, everything else such as the photography (paparazzi) and the promotion (social media and online newspapers) is completely free. The public care what these celebrities are wearing, even it is them going for lunch or arriving at an airport. 



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