Saturday, 25 November 2017


Whilst being at home over the weekend, I had some spare time on my hands so I sat and watched the film clueless. Since coming to uni, it's been drilled into us about keeping an eye out for anything interesting or inspiring at all times. I found myself, unintentionally noticing a lot of things that caught my eye throughout the film and I felt as though I had seen some major similarities between the fashion in this 90's movie and the fashion that is so prominent today. Here are 3 examples; 


This was a huge high street trend back in spring where people would layer their t shirts with a cropped vest, camisole or a slip dress, similarly shaped to the one displayed in the image above. 


This trend is something that is now so prominent. As I have got older I have noticed that people around me are a lot more likely to be daring and follow trends such as the beret. Back at school, everyone dressed exactly the same because the school environment can be so catty and people would fear dressing differently. I love the fact that my friends and people around me are becoming a lot more daring in terms of their fashion choices. 


The PVC skirt is the new must have in every girl's wardrobe for a night out. These are sold in almost every high-street store, from Primark to Topshop. Colour has become such as huge staple in many peoples wardrobes now as we exit the minimalism era and therefore people are experimenting and being different by indulging in bright coloured PVC, the perfect way to stand out. 
It fascinates me how much of an effect the film 'clueless' has had on the way so many people dress today. The film is a chick flick so it entices femininity with an edge, this style is what is widely sold within the high-street stores.



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