Thursday, 28 December 2017


Initially I thought that this was a terrible idea that would result in a lot of young people being naive, developing bad credit scores and ending up in a lot of debt. But when looking into it, I can really see the purpose of it. Is there really anything more annoying than buying three or four outfits hoping that one of them will do the trick for your night out and then your left with a huge chunk of your bank balance missing whilst you wait for the money to go back in from the outfits that didn't make the cut? Im not sure there is. Despite a lot of people using this feature irresponsibly there are a lot of people that will use the service effectively. If you use the try before you buy service properly it prevents you having to wait for the money to go back into your account for the items you returned. You can simply order as much as you like, try it all on, return what you don't want and then pay for the items that you have kept within 30 days. It is services like this that are killing the idea of shopping in an actual store. 

This is what EVERYONE needs. At some point in your life, I guarantee you have left it last minute to try on the outfit you ordered for a night out and then it doesn't fit. This is why EVERYONE needs same day delivery. Unfortunately ASOS are only providing this service for 122 London postcodes. Its a case of ordering before 10am to ensure delivery between 6pm-10pm and then service costs £12.95. 

This is a service in which you upload a photograph using the camera in the search bar tool. This means you can screenshot items from your Instagram feed, from your favourite bloggers to your close friends, and upload it onto the search bar on the ASOS app (for iPhone only at the moment.) Then it will either take you directly to the item in the photograph or if it is not stocked by ASOS then it will show you options that are similar. This is such an amazing feature for the app and is embraces the idea of 'fast fashion.' It makes shopping online so easy and again is another feature that could start to diminish the idea of shopping in stores. 

I feel as though ASOS is completely on the ball in terms of current technology which makes shopping on the site so easy. Its the perfect department store but its online, quick and you don't have to leave the comfort of your home. Who even needs to go shopping in real life anymore? That's a whole different topic of conversation and I am sure to write a blog post on this soon enough. 



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