Monday, 13 November 2017


The colour pink is one that is so often associated with romance, florals and frills. The colour associates with innocence, femininity and perfection.

As part of my course, a project was set to take a colour, research it, and think of some kind of concept/idea behind the colour. I have found, through my research, that many women are rebelling against this stereotype linked to the colour pink. The colour has been almost sexualised and is now a symbol of feminism. Therefore when creating a low fi photoshoot, we wanted the images to scream powerful woman. 

The idea of the project was to see how words can change the meaning behind an image. We had to create an advertisement/campaign an album cover and a news article. 

When adding text to the image I wanted to try and experiment and think completely out of the box. I looked at the photograph and tried to think of a theme, product or idea that would be completely opposite to an initial thought. The idea of a florist popped into my head and this was the result.  

When I first looked at this photograph, before adding text, I thought it looked like a make-up campaign for a brand such as Urban Decay. This was probably because the focus point of the image is the eyes, therefore it could be a campaign for a new eyeshadow palette. Despite this I decided to look a bit further and edited it to look like an album cover. I tried to make it look like a pop artist cover by increasing the brightness and boldness of the image. 

I feel as though the article title and subtitle is very relevant today. Children are growing up way too fast. Maybe due to the exposure to social media, or the music that this generation is growing up with, which is full of drugs, alcohol and sexual references. 

I did really enjoy this project. I found that it got me motivated and my creative mind ran away with me a little bit. However looking back at the project now that I started back at the beginning of October, I feel as though we maybe could have gone about things in a different way. Feminism is a movement and I don't feel as though it always seems to be thrust in your face like the images above. I feel as though the message could have been represented more subtly to create a bigger and more dramatic impact. 




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