Monday, 20 November 2017


The fictional soap character Pat Butcher is the new Kim Kardashian. 

The unlikely fashion icon, Pat Butcher no longer graces our television, however her influence has lived on now and, you never know, could have been one of the triggers behind this huge trend that is the overdramatic earring.  

Whilst looking around high street stores, I can't help but notice the obsession with the huge, dramatic earrings. I personally think that they look so cool and really showcase the shift from the minimalism trend to the maximalism trend. The earrings are colourful, bold and in every shape you could possibly imagine. They are a trend that may be scary to people, but I don't think I've seen one person that hasn't been able to pull off them off. 

These statement earrings have become such a trend that many high street stores are now jumping on the bandwagon. From Topshop to Zara. Osman Ahmed, a writer for Business of Fashion, labeled the earrings 'Generation Selfie's Favourite Trend' and goes on to discuss how the trend has newly been introduced after the trend peaked in the 80s. Maybe Pat Butcher was the type of  women that was stuck in her youth and thats why she loved her dramatic earrings so much haha. 



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