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Below is a photoshoot displayed in British Vogue for the March 2012 issue. It is called 'Beautiful Strangers' and the opening image is labelled "Resonating with the spirit of the early Nineties avant garden, designers are once again in thrall to experimentation. Concepts fly high, lines are asymmetric and designs beautify both mind and body." 

 The task of researching this particular shoot is that it is so abstract and different and the clothing embraces movement so it is involved with the consistent theme of 'ACTIVE' which is something I have been focusing on for the last month or so. Another reason behind the task, was to investigate the photographer, looking at his previous work and finding information about his life and success as a fashion photographer. 

Mario Sorrenti, the Italian photographer, born in 1971, is a well respected fashion photographer. His career launched after photographing the iconic 'Obsession' Calvin Klien campaign, starring his then girlfriend, Kate Moss. Kate Moss posed nude for these shots, and they stirred some contraversy. She was labelled a "paper-thin figure" and "a reflective of the 'Heroine Chic' movement." It's this sort of controversy that cements such an iconic photographer in the fashion photography industry.  

In 2012, not only did he shoot "Beautiful Strangers" for Vogue, Sorrenti also shot for numerous publications, from Vanity Fair to the New York Times and his advertising clients include the likes of Kenzo and Chanel. 

Sorrenti has been on the 'Business of Fashion 500 People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry' since the database began back in 2012 and he is famous for this "sexually charged editorial work" which has been published across multiple magazines such as American and Italian Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. I personally feel he is the type of photographer that enjoys contraversy and thrives on the idea of doing things out of the ordinary. He has previously said:

I feel that this openness to life in general is what encourages the amazing photography that he creates. 




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