Sunday, 31 December 2017


This year has been one of the most testing years of my life. So much has gone on and I have changed so much as a person, specifically in the last few months of the year.  Despite this year being challenging it really has been one of the best years of my life and I have such a positive outlook on 2018. I feel as though this year is going to be my year and I'm really going to find myself as a person. 


1. As cringe as it sounds, the phrase 'YOLO' has never been more appropriate for my new year mindset. Im going to live every moment as if it were my last and not read into things too much and just appreciate how things are in the moment. 

2. Be less guarded. Since coming to uni I have made so many amazing friends and thats because I have tried to be less guarded and more open with people. I hope to continue with this attitude so that I can go forward and meet more amazing people and make the most fantastic friends. 

3. Take more photographs. I never take photographs. I am that friend that says, oh take it on your phone and just send me it another time. This year I want to take so many amazing photos that I can keep to make amazing memories. 

4. I really want to find my personal style. I think that I have just been wandering around in basic clothes and sliding on a statement piece just to make my outfit 'interesting.' I want to find a style that is just right for me, as at the moment I feel as though I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and I'm not really feeling any of my clothes at the moment. 

5. Number 5 is for me to do well and complete my first year with success. To do that I need to stick to my 6th resolution. 

6. I need routine in my life. I need to create a routine for myself so that I can stick to blogging, sketch booking and my set work without getting behind on it all. 

7. I need to stop stressing over things that I can't control. I'm the biggest over thinker and I need to try and change that. I don't want to completely get rid of this trait because thats what make me who I am, I do care about people and maybe sometimes its too much and I end up getting myself in situations that I don't really need to be in. 

8. I want to aim to create a more active lifestyle for myself. It is so easy to eat food that is so unhealthy for you because its quick, easy and CHEAP! I want to eat more healthily and go to the gym. Again working this into some kind of routine. 

9. One thing that I have started to do in the past few months since being at uni is becoming more independent. I am hoping to continue with that. 

10. As I'm sure is the case for everyone, my aim for this next year is to be completely happy and for this year to be one I will always remember. 



Friday, 29 December 2017


This Fendi campaign was supposed to "pay homage to Fendi's DNA; synonymous of innovation, modernity, energy and incredible savoir-faire."

Photography-  Karl Lagerfeld 
Styling- Charlotte Stockdale 
Make-up- Peter Phillips 
Hair- Sam McKnight 

The campaign stared two supermodels; Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. 
The aim was to showcase the new 'F is Fendi profile.' 

Gigi Hadid stars in Fendi's fall-winter 2017 campaign
Kendall Jenner stars in Fendi's fall-winter 2017 campaign
Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid appear in Fendi's fall-winter 2017 campaign
Gigi Hadid flaunts her legs in thigh-high over-the-knee boots from Fendi's fall collection
Kendall Jenner rocks fur in Fendi's fall-winter 2017 campaign
Karl Lagerfeld photographs Gigi Hadid for Fendi's fall-winter 2017 campaign

I personally don't like this campaign. I find it boring and uninspiring. I appreciate the autumnal colour palette however I feel like the clothes are not interesting enough for the basic aesthetic of the campaign. 

I can't help but think that the model choice is predictable  They have placed the two biggest 'it girls' into quite a boring shoot, because they know that regardless of the content of the shoot, these models intrigue people and create press attention.

Simplicity can often be stunning, but this looks cheap and almost lazy. 

Model Kendall Jenner poses in a blue dress for Fendi's fall-winter 2017 campaign
Gigi Hadid poses with the Fendi F logo for fall-winter 2017 campaign




Thursday, 28 December 2017


With online shopping becoming my main source of buying clothes I have realised that I barely shop in stores anymore. I don't think that nowadays many people do. With online shopping technology forever improving the problems behind it are vastly disappearing. 

Shopping instore is useful for trying on clothes before you buy them, yet online brands such as ASOS are solving problems like this by creating services such as 'try before you buy.'  There are many problems that online brands are solving to ensure people purchase clothing online rather than in store. 

With this being the case, stores need something more, they need to up their game. I think its important for stores to create an experience for their customers. Simply shopping in a standard boring store isn't enough. Pop up stores that are fun and creative are exactly what everyday stores need to be like because no-one wants to look round a shop anymore for many reasons; it doesn't stock everything from the brand and it includes paying for transport to visit the store. I don't think that they should try and solve these problems because there is no competing with online shopping, but maybe just embrace a new form of in store shopping by embracing individuality and creating a fun experience for the customer. 




I knew that moving to university was going to be a challenge and I certainly wasn't wrong. Despite this it has been a challenge that I have enjoyed and I feel like I have really improved my social skills massively from this experience. 

One of the biggest thing about moving to uni is living with a group of people you know absolutely nothing about. I have been lucky enough to really click with some of my flat mates and I feel as though, as a flat, we all get along really well and they are such lovely people, but there is no doubt we've had our fair share of arguments about milk, noise and all sorts of nonsense haha. Adapting to living with people is difficult. When your at home you know the people you live with inside out, you know what not to say and you know how to interact with people. The best advice I can give in terms of getting along with people in your flat, is to just accept people for who they are, don't try and change them (because its their uni experience, just as much as it is yours) and PICK YOUR BATTLES WISELY. 

I have definitely become a lot more independent since coming to university. Learning to cook and clean and everything else is a bit of a challenge. Its so funny how quickly things change. Back in my first few days of uni, I would wash everyones pots just so that people would like me and think I was a nice person, since then I have been on bin strike, pre-drinks clean up strike and I can't remember the last time I washed a dish that wasn't my own haha. It takes a while to settle in and its a lot easier if you are yourself from the beginning. There is not point trying to be anyone else because you are LIVING with these people so you may as well let them know who you are from the get go, because they are going to soon figure it out.  

Making friends outside your course is not as easy as I thought it would be. I did a little research before attending uni, and everyones advice was to join a society. I did join one but if I'm honest I've really struggled to find time to attend many events. Balancing life at uni isn't easy. At first, on my course I found it to be quite isolating. I felt that 90% of the people were so stand off-ish and didn't really want to make any friends. I soon realised that the reason I felt this way was because I was so guarded myself. As soon as I let my initial guard down I made friends quite easily. 

Speaking of my course, I feel as though people don't understand it. I study Fashion Communication and Promotion and its actually a lot more work than even I anticipated. I think people see the word 'fashion' in a degree course and think that I will just be taking photographs and writing bitchy articles on peoples outfits. Thats not what my course is about.  Balancing all of the work set by my tutors, attending lectures and seminars, keeping up to date on a blog and continuously updating a sketchbook is a HUGE challenge. So it can be quite irritating when people see the course as less than others because I may not have to attend uni as much. 

Overall I have really enjoyed my first term at uni and I can't wait to go back in the new year. 




Initially I thought that this was a terrible idea that would result in a lot of young people being naive, developing bad credit scores and ending up in a lot of debt. But when looking into it, I can really see the purpose of it. Is there really anything more annoying than buying three or four outfits hoping that one of them will do the trick for your night out and then your left with a huge chunk of your bank balance missing whilst you wait for the money to go back in from the outfits that didn't make the cut? Im not sure there is. Despite a lot of people using this feature irresponsibly there are a lot of people that will use the service effectively. If you use the try before you buy service properly it prevents you having to wait for the money to go back into your account for the items you returned. You can simply order as much as you like, try it all on, return what you don't want and then pay for the items that you have kept within 30 days. It is services like this that are killing the idea of shopping in an actual store. 

This is what EVERYONE needs. At some point in your life, I guarantee you have left it last minute to try on the outfit you ordered for a night out and then it doesn't fit. This is why EVERYONE needs same day delivery. Unfortunately ASOS are only providing this service for 122 London postcodes. Its a case of ordering before 10am to ensure delivery between 6pm-10pm and then service costs £12.95. 

This is a service in which you upload a photograph using the camera in the search bar tool. This means you can screenshot items from your Instagram feed, from your favourite bloggers to your close friends, and upload it onto the search bar on the ASOS app (for iPhone only at the moment.) Then it will either take you directly to the item in the photograph or if it is not stocked by ASOS then it will show you options that are similar. This is such an amazing feature for the app and is embraces the idea of 'fast fashion.' It makes shopping online so easy and again is another feature that could start to diminish the idea of shopping in stores. 

I feel as though ASOS is completely on the ball in terms of current technology which makes shopping on the site so easy. Its the perfect department store but its online, quick and you don't have to leave the comfort of your home. Who even needs to go shopping in real life anymore? That's a whole different topic of conversation and I am sure to write a blog post on this soon enough. 





Image result for Maria Grazia Chiuri dior

Last year Maria Grazia Chiuri became the first woman to ever become the artistic director of Dior. There has been some real controversy behind the brand now as many feel it has lost its authenticity since Chiuri became artistic director. In an article written for Vogue by Lauren Indvik, Chiuri is interviewed and she addresses this issue. She now see's the Dior woman as "one that may still don a ball gown and stiletto on an occasional evening, but for day prefers long-sleeved shirts, boyfriend jeans and a pair of easy walking flats, a cross-body bag slung across one shoulder." 

Christian Dior - Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear

This T-shirt was part of the Spring 2017, Ready-to-Wear collection. It retailed at $710 and was promoted by many celebrities such as Rihanna, Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lawrence. The quote "WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS" is from an essay written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The success of this t-shirt proved that designers can showcase clothes with an opinion without a drop in sales. Due to this many other brands have gone forward with this idea and Dior have designed a brand new t shirt for the latest collection (photographed below.) 

Image result for Why have there been no great women artists dior

This look is taken from the Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection in which the quote "WHY HAVE THERE BEEN NO GREAT WOMEN ARTISTS?" is taken from an art historian, Linda Nochlin's 1971 essay. In the article I read Chiuri talks about why she chose this quote and she says "I think that sometimes this idea is inside of women, that they know that it is very difficult and so they don’t try to make what they really like."

I personally think that Chiuri is doing so well as the new artistic director and I think that she has switched Dior and made it different and engaging, specifically to a younger generation. Beforehand Dior was very flamboyant, elegant and beautiful which I think is still so amazing but I think that it is important that brands evolve. In modern times where women rights, and feminism is at the forefront of mainstream media with issues such as equal pay and #MeToo, It is beneficial for the brand to address these issues so that people can connect with the brand.




Wednesday, 27 December 2017


The 'Gucci and Beyond' Fall/Winter campaign is based around the idea of old school sci-fi in which human characters interact with extra-terrestrial creatures. The retro yet futuristic campaign was shot by Glen Luchford and the creative director was Alessandro Michele. The campaign is inspired by 1950s and 1960s retro sci-fi TV programmes, specifically Star Trek. It is so evident that 'Star Trek' is referenced throughout the campaign and CBS gave the campaign permission to reference them so clearly. The music from the campaign is called 'Space 1999' and was written by Vic Elms and Barry Gary. 

Here are a few photographs take from the campaign: 

I personally think that this campaign is so interesting because people completely understand the concept and it is so visually appealing. I love it when campaigns make cultural references and I think figuring out what means what in terms of the films and tv programmes is so interesting. It is campaigns like this that are so appealing to watch and understand because people have a love for the original tv programmes and combining that with a love of fashion creates instant viewing pleasure. 





With the New Year fast approaching, I thought it would be interesting to look at the top new trends in menswear for 2018.

Suits are a staple in every man's wardrobe, but the newest suit trend is one for the more daring. I personally think this trend is really cool but I can't imagine myself wearing it. I think that turning up to a wedding or special occasion in one of these suits could come across quite narcissistic and almost attention seeking. 


I love this trend. I personally have invested in a jumpsuit in preparation for my trip to New York in January. I feel as though this trend has been creeping in for quite a long time despite the controversy behind the idea of a man wearing a romper. As demonstrated on the photographs above, a jumpsuit can look extremely masculine. This trend is daring, but Vivienne Westwood is sending men in skirts down her runway, so really a jumpsuit isn't the most rebellious thing in the world. 


Since the obsession with the brand 'OFF-WHITE' the idea of tape as a detail is now everywhere. I think that it can bring quite a boring look to life. I have recently bought a pair of trousers with red tape detail down the sides and I can't wait to wear them and embrace this trend. 

I feel as though this trend is embracing the 'dress like your dad' trend but it in a way that is more accessible and less daring. I feel as though the key part of this trend is the print but I also feel that the fabric is almost just as important. Viscose is probably the most commonly used fabric for Hawaiian shirts. I love viscose. I don't know what it is about that material, but I just love wearing it. I have quite a few printed viscose shirts, so I am looking forward to experimenting with this trend. 


These three colours; statement red, bright orange and highlighter green, are the three colours that will be so prominent next year. These colours will be seen a lot during spring/summer but I feel as though they could stick around for the whole year. The highlighter green colour is actually described as 'Lime Punch' on Pantone and it is my favourite colour for the new season. Unfortunately I don't own anything in this colour, but its definitely the first thing on my list when searching through the January sales.  

Whilst looking through all of these 2018 menswear trends, I have noticed that all of them are embracing the maximalism era. This is something that I am really excited about seeing! I can't wait to see people experimenting and being more daring! 




Thursday, 21 December 2017



For the final outcome stage of this project we had to create a final set of photographic images. Our photoshoot was a conceptual take on the issue of global warming and how much of an effect pollution has on our environment. After deconstructing our initial ideas, we combined this issue with sci-fi, as we wanted to take this idea and develop it in a more abstract way. The sci-fi idea came from our earlier five descriptive words which were inspired by a photoshoot by Mario Sorrenti called 'Beautiful Stranger.' They were: 

- Contemporary

- Juxtaposition

- Lateral

- Obscure 

- Turbulent 

Each group was given an accessory that they would have to use within their images. We were given a bag. The words 'obscure' and 'turbulent' were the words we decided that we wanted to develop into our final outcome. The theme of pollution was developed from the word 'turbulent' due to the connotations of natural disasters caused by global warming and what they cause and leave behind. It was this that inspired the assortment of props/materials used such as; tinfoil, LED lights, plastic wrap and a transparent backpack. 

The narrative we created involved an obscure alien-like creature that is trapped in pollutive waste. An alien being trapped in 'space waste' was intentionally imitating an animal on earth that was caught in pollutive waste. We researched three different types of pollution; light pollution, space pollution and fast fashion. Light pollution is demonstrated through the LED lights, space pollution, through the whole narrative, specifically the tin foil. Finally the transparent bag symbolises fast fashion and how we throw things away carelessly once it has been used once or twice. 




Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Mary Antoinette was the last Queen before the French Revolution. She was most famous for not only her "gravity-defying" hair which was often up to four feet high accessorised with all sorts of trinkets but her continuous life of scandal. Her scandals such as; fritherless spending, high treason, sexual promiscuity and incestuous relations with her son enraged the French public which is partly to blame for the French revolution. Despite the negative connotations of the Queen, she has become a cultural icon and has influenced many designer houses, music artists and high street stores.  


In 2013, Chanel embodied Marie Antoinette in the Queen's former home of Versailles for their Cruise collection. Karl Lagerfeld gave his models their own 'beauty marks' which were small Chanel logos on the models faces. The models were also finished in a variety of pastel coloured wigs and the signature pink blush of Antoinette. 

This Spring/Summer 2006 collection was also inspired by Marie Antoinette. The collection was provocative but included details such as full skirts and full lace looks which embody Antoinette. 

Mary Antoinette was a huge inspiration behind Rihanna's Fenty x Puma Spring/Summer 2017 capsule collection. The collection included corseted waistlines, doily-lace trims and brocade embroidery. The Queen's extravagance and sense of style has inspired many of Rihanna's other collections. 


Mary Antoinette has become a cultural icon and has been used as inspiration for many music videos and has been referenced in multiple songs throughout time. Madonna dressed as her for her 1990 MTV VMA's performance of 'Vogue.' Girls Aloud released their music video for 'Can't Speak French' in 2008 where they wear elaborate wigs and extravagant costumes popularised by Marie Antoinette. The most recent music video inspired by Marie Antoinette is Katy Perry's latest single 'Hey, Hey, Hey' which is the music video which inspired this blog post. Its not only music videos that reference Mary Antoinette, she is also referenced in lyrics demonstrated in Queen's song 'Killer Queen.' 

Due to the fact Marie Antoinette has become such a part of modern day culture, her inspiration has filtered down from the runway. The referencing of the queen in music videos has inspired a generation of lace, frills and corsets. This is so evident in almost every high-street store. The trend has even creeped into menswear demonstrated in the Erdem and H&M collection in which the flute collars similar to the ones above are showcased. 




Monday, 27 November 2017


Related image

Adding a famous face to a brand is something that is so common nowadays. Wether it is global stars like Kendall Jenner being the face of Estee Lauder or UK reality stars bringing out clothing ranges all over the internet, celebrity endorsement is a key marketing tools for many businesses. 

I personally feel as though Instagram promotions are dying out. It's become something that isn't really that special anymore. It seems to be the case that almost anyone can earn money from promoting on Instagram as long as they have a certain amount of followers. I think its lost its authenticity. Not long ago it was the Instagram elite posting sponsored content; instagrammers, bloggers and influencers, whereas now its seems to be too easy to grab your self a 10% discount code for your followers. 

Reality stars are well known and often mocked for their consistent posting of sponsored content.  I think people are irritated by it because the same products are posted by the same type of people. People are sick of seeing Love Island and Big Brother reality stars sponsoring teeth whitening kits and charcoal face masks. 

Huge global stars are the way to make things sell. If a Kardashian is wearing something, wether you like it or not, so is half of the world. I didn't even realise that 'pay for play' was even a thing, but after researching into it, I realised how much it influences fashion trends today. 'Pay for Play' is when a celebrity is payed to wear an item of clothing from a brand in a casual setting. For example going to the supermarket or running errands. The key to the success of this technique is that the celebrity has to be extremely famous as what makes the item sell is when the star is photographed by paparazzi and is shared online. This is such a clever marketing technique because despite having to pay for the celebitry to wear the clothing, everything else such as the photography (paparazzi) and the promotion (social media and online newspapers) is completely free. The public care what these celebrities are wearing, even it is them going for lunch or arriving at an airport. 




The Gucci glitter bodysuit. For a look that is so bold and such a statement outfit, I am very surprised to see numerous celebrities wearing the same look. The Swarvoski crystal embellished bodysuit was first seen as part of the Fall 2017 Gucci collection. The outfit actually retails at $7180 which is the combined price of the body suit and matching leggings (not including the task mask.) 

THE diamanté bodysuit. Surprisingly light. Super shiny. #milanfashionweek #ellemyrunway #ellemalaysia #fw17 #gucci  via ELLE MALAYSIA MAGAZINE OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM - Fashion Campaigns  Haute Couture  Advertising  Editorial Photography  Magazine Cover Designs  Supermodels  Runway Models

Rihanna recreated this runway look at Coachella in April. She atttended the festival as a guest rather than a performer. This look isnt the most subtle, and if Rihanna's intention was to disguise herself by wearing the mask then she did a pretty poor job. But if her intention was to start the year of internet-breaking bedazzled suit then she did alright. 

From fashion icon to fashion icon, Kim Kardashian also wore the crystallised catsuit for the 10th anniversary opening credit promo for the newest season of the reality show. Kim opted out of wearing the mask and wore the statement look without accessorising it any further. If its a competition for who wore it better, then I think RiRi has it in the bag. 

This catsuit is super feminine and is clearly a part of the womenswear collection however Frank Ocean rocked the glitter leggings at his 30th Birthday party. If I'm honest, this isn't a look I would personally go for, but Frank will do Frank.
Image result for frank ocean gucci leggings

I personally feel as though Keyshia Ka'oir won the who wore it best contest. She pairs the catsuit with  Saint Laurent glitter boots and silver hair to tie in the look as glitter-full chaos. The look screams sex appeal more so than with Rihanna and Kim Kardashian (although Frank Ocean may be winning on that front.) The only thing in my opinion that doesn't work with this look is the bright red lip. The look is made up of cold tones and I feel that the random warmth of the lip makes it all a bit too much. However I still think she wore the look, that everybody is crazy for, the best.  

Image result for keyshia kaoir hip hop awards



Saturday, 25 November 2017


Whilst being at home over the weekend, I had some spare time on my hands so I sat and watched the film clueless. Since coming to uni, it's been drilled into us about keeping an eye out for anything interesting or inspiring at all times. I found myself, unintentionally noticing a lot of things that caught my eye throughout the film and I felt as though I had seen some major similarities between the fashion in this 90's movie and the fashion that is so prominent today. Here are 3 examples; 


This was a huge high street trend back in spring where people would layer their t shirts with a cropped vest, camisole or a slip dress, similarly shaped to the one displayed in the image above. 


This trend is something that is now so prominent. As I have got older I have noticed that people around me are a lot more likely to be daring and follow trends such as the beret. Back at school, everyone dressed exactly the same because the school environment can be so catty and people would fear dressing differently. I love the fact that my friends and people around me are becoming a lot more daring in terms of their fashion choices. 


The PVC skirt is the new must have in every girl's wardrobe for a night out. These are sold in almost every high-street store, from Primark to Topshop. Colour has become such as huge staple in many peoples wardrobes now as we exit the minimalism era and therefore people are experimenting and being different by indulging in bright coloured PVC, the perfect way to stand out. 
It fascinates me how much of an effect the film 'clueless' has had on the way so many people dress today. The film is a chick flick so it entices femininity with an edge, this style is what is widely sold within the high-street stores.


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