Monday, 16 October 2017


Back in July, I went on a huge family holiday to the bedazzled city of Benidorm. The place itself wasn't the best,  but being around my huge, over the top, full of life family was all I really needed to have an amazing holiday. There was never a dull moment on the entire trip, constant laughter. Despite this trip not being centred around looking good and wearing 'on trend' outfits, I still thought it would be a good idea to share with you my style diary. 

DAY 1-   Airport Attire 

Hoody-BooHooMan (similar) / Bag- BooHooMan / Joggers- Adidas / Cap- Primark (similar) / Glasses- ASOS

Dressing for the airport turns into such a stress for me. I need an outfit that is comfortable, practical, warm (because planes are always like Antartica) yet still something more than joggers, a t-shirt and your flip flops. After seeing the combination online of this orange camouflage set, I instantly knew that it would tick all the boxes for me. I paired this look with a cap (my flight was at 4am and I wasn't about to blow dry my hair at that time of day, also as you can tell, this picture was taken in advance, not about photoshoots at 4am in the morning) and some glasses.

DAY 2- All for the GRAM 

Bandana - Local Vintage store (similar)  / Underneath T-shirt- Topman (similar) / T shirt- Thrasher / Shorts - Topman (similar)

To be well and truly honest, the reasoning behind this outfit for the first night, was that I was really feeling the orange aesthetic on my Instagram. I have an obsession with colour at the moment. I feel as though not long ago, everyone was obsessed with the colour orange, although its starting to fizzle out now. I feel as though I have grown out of my minimalistic, monochrome days and I enjoy experimenting with bright colours to appreciate different aspects of fashion a little bit more. 

DAY 3- Band Tees and Pink?

T-shirt- Topman (similar) / Under T-shirt - Topman (similar) / Sunglasses - ASOS / Hat - Topman (similar)

The colour pink isn't one that you would usually associate with a Guns and Roses band tee but I feel as though it works. Maybe the juxtaposition of the stereotypes of the two things makes it somehow more interesting and cool. I paired this look, with a pair of white, distressed shorts and my Adidas tubular dooms in sand and pink. 

DAY 4- Are band Tees a thing anymore? 

Bandana- Local Vintage Store (similar)  / Mesh t-shirt -  Topman (similar) / Distressed t-shirt - ASOS / Shorts- Topman / Checkered shirt- Topman / Trainers - Converse 

I've noticed whilst uploading these images, that I layer ALOT. I can never just wear shorts and a t shirt, there always has to be something a little bit extra. I'm also wearing ANOTHER band Tee. As much as I loved this trend, I think its almost over. Its very much a mainstream trend and I feel as though the reign of the band tee is coming to an end. 

DAY 5- Khaki Lovin' 

Bandana- Local Vintage Store (similar) / Shirt - Topman (similar) / T shirt- Topman / Trainers - Nike / Glasses - ASOS

Khaki is such an autumnal colour, however it is personally one of my favourite colours ever. I wear it all year round with zero shame. It always comes back around anyway. Khaki always looks good with a tan, and looking back at these holiday snaps, in the early bitterness of October is making me slightly depressed. 

DAY 6- Monochromatic Layering 

Undertop- ASOS / T shirt - Night Addict / Shorts - Topman (similar) 

This is one of my favourite outfits whilst on holiday. It was one of those outfits that I had packed, but wasn't really feeling and didn't have any real intentions of wearing it. But the monochrome is so photogenic and I got some great big family pictures. As you can tell though, I still can't just wear a T-shirt and shorts. ALL ABOUT THE LAYERING. 

DAY 6- Bandana ALLday ERRYday 

T-shirt - Rive Island (similar)  / Trainers - Converse / Bandana - Local Vintage store (similar) 

Bandanas are always going to be a thing. For as long as people go on holidays and attend festivals. So I have quite a collection. I try and experiment and wear them in different ways, wether its around my head, neck or wrist. The idea of wrapping bandanas around other areas than just your head, was a huge trend last summer and was the breakout accessory for that season. The shorts in this picture and the one above have not been linked as they are just an old pair of jeans from the back of my wardrobe that I cut into shorts and distressed. Bit of a DIY job.

DAY 7- Final Night in Stag and Hen Wonderland 

T-shirt- Topman / Shorts- Topman (similar) / Trainers - Converse 

I bought this t-shirt in in a XL because it was a muscle fit t-shirt. I HATE muscle fit. Maybe thats because I don't have muscles, or its maybe more to do with that stereotypical steriod junky that is so massively linked to a muscle fit tee. The material of the t-shirt is very lightweight so its ideal for not only holidays but those sweaty clubs on a night out. The glasses in this picture are actually from a small gift shop in Benidorm so I'm afraid I can't link them. I have noticed that a lot of the links in this blog are not the actual product but rather 'similar' products. This is because a lot of the clothes are quite old, I wore them back in July so they are also out of season making it very difficult to even find alternatives. 

Anyway, that is the end of my holiday style diary. I hope that you enjoyed reading it. 




Thursday, 9 February 2017


 Jeans- ASOS (similar) / Trainers- ASOS / T-shirt- Topman / Jacket- Topman (similar) / Cap- Topman (similar)

Due to a recent photography project, I was lucky enough to be able to go inside a local photo studio. I photographed two outfits, this one being the first. This outfit is made up of this dust pink/salmon colour that I am completely in love with at the moment. The colour PINK has been such a huge trend on recent autumn/winter runways. I love the colour, as its a slight shift from my usual neutral colour palette, yet its not way out of my comfort zone.

I decided to create an outfit completely based on this pink colour! I purchased the cap quite a while ago now and when in London shopping, I came across this denim, rustic jacket that I knew instantly would match the hat perfectly. I decided to continue the neutral colour palette with a sand coloured top. I could imagine this outfit in my head when buying the jacket (a little technique I do every time when buying something new to see if its worth buying) however I was struggling to imagine any shoes to go with it. So i recently purchased the perfect shoes for this outfit, the adidas originals, Tubular Doom PK trainers. The sand and pink is identical on the shoes to the t shirt and jacket. I paired this look with a distressed pair of jeans (I call these my 'more leg than jean, jeans') to give the outfit that slight rustic, distressed vibe that I love at the moment. 

Photography - Shelly Ayscough



Saturday, 21 January 2017


Jacket- Zara (similar) / Hoodie-River Island / Jeans- River Island / Trainers- ASOS

When putting together this outfit, I was baring in mind the recent tonal trend. Most people (including myself) automatically associate the tonal trend with earthly tones such as sand, stone and khaki, however I have found that creating tonal outfits with different colours can create such chic looks. 

In a recent shopping trip to London, I picked up these distressed, river island jeans at a pricey £45, however I bought the less pricey, suede biker jacket from Zara, in the sale, for only £30! Despite the jeans being quite expensive, I feel as though they are worth the money due to the details such as the rose embroidery, the distressed detail and the raw hem.It can be quite difficult to find shoes that look appropriate with the raw hem of the jean. In my opinion, any shoe that comes above the ankle doesn't look quite right. I would personally style these jeans, with ankle trainers (like the ones in the photographs) or loafers. Pairing the biker jacket with the charcoal distressed hoodie adds an effortless vibe that comes across almost Yeezy-like. Wearing grey tones is great for everyday, casual wear, however I personally, wouldn't wear it to a special occasion or for going on a night out, as It can often wash you out, and make you look paler than you are. 

PHOTOGRAPHY- Shelly Ayscough


Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Coat- Zara / Jumper- ASOS / T-shirt- Topman / Jeans- ASOS / Boots- Next (similar) / Hat - Topman (similar)

'The Camel Coat' is iconic. It's a style statement and a must have in every man's (and every woman's) wardrobe. Despite Kim and Kanye rocking the signature coat LAST year in Paris, in the build up to their anticipated wedding, it has never really lost its 'cool'. IT'S A CLASSIC. To be honest the colour 'camel' as a whole has been a huge autumnal trend, and has been for quite a few autumn/winter seasons. This particular coat, was pricey, but it was worth every penny. The fit, the colour and the texture is out of this world, despite getting it in a large a few years back when I completely overestimated my weight and size. 

I decided to pair the coat with, tonal colours as this has been an ongoing trend for quite some time now. I paired my chocolate-brown, suede jumper with a sand coloured, extreme long-line t-shirt. I feel as though the three brown-based shades create an obvious enough contrast without losing the tonal element. Ideally some rust or stone jeans would really complete this look, however I only have khaki. Yet I feel as though the khaki, adds an element of colour and isn't wayyyy out of the earthly tones and as crazy as it sounds, the colour of my skin coming through the rips in the jeans, adds another shade to the mix haha. I completed the look with some chocolate-brown desert boots, tied with sand laces, to parallel the shades of the jumper and t-shirt, and a khaki fedora to compliment the jeans. 

Photography-Shelly Ayscough 


Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Coat- NEW LOOK (similar) / Roll Neck- H&M (similar) / Jeans- ASOS / Boots - OFFICE / Watch- BOSS / Cap- TOPMAN

A huge trend for summer was embroidered denim, and this trend seems to have continued through to autumn. The trend began when Gucci included embroidered denim in its spring/summer collection. It was a trend that very quickly translated from high end to high street, which you don't really see that often and I feel as though it was something that just came about rather abruptly. These embroidered jeans that I am wearing have a Japanese element to them due to the flowers and twisted vines, however most embroidered denim consist of either floral, tribal or tropical embroidery. More recently, as we go on into winter, I have noticed that there are a lot more embroidered denim jackets around, and they mainly consist of american, preppy embroidery that is normally sport orientated.  I personally love this trend at the moment, however I feel like its running its course a little, I predict that by January 'embroidered denim' won't really be a thing anymore. 

Photography-Shelly Ayscough 


Monday, 7 November 2016


Jacket- TOPMAN, Nick Grimshaw collection / Shirt- TOPMAN (similar) / T-shirt- ASOS / Jeans- TOPMAN / Boots- OFFICE 

have been looking on a few of my favourite clothing websites for new clothes to buy, and I recently came across a new trend which I completely adore.  The trend I came across was labelled 'GRUNGY LAYERS' on ASOS and its something that I've always done without it really being a 'trend' as such. I love layering different textures with similar colours to create a grungy vibe. I wouldn't describe my personal style as 'grungy' however I have quite a few pieces of clothing in my wardrobe that could be described in that way. I hope this is a trend that will stick around for a while, as I think it is something really cool and different for autumn/winter time.  

PHOTOGRAPHY- Shelly Ayscough

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