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 Recently I attended by first exhibition and funnily enough it was a showcase for all of the FCP first year work. It was a really great event and a celebration of all of the effort us first years have put in! I was worried that it might be quite an intimidating process because, before uni, exhibitions have never really been a part of my lifestyle. I felt as though they were something only people that were really posh and well-spoken went to and believe me, I am the opposite of that.  But to see my work up on the wall was something I felt so much pride for and any other feelings of uncertainty or anxiety just disappeared. This may have been something to do with the free glass of wine which may or may not have led to another glass, a bottle of prosecco, two cocktails and a lot more binge drinking, but I blame it on the exhibition to be completely honest. Despite my unease the whole exhibition experience has inspired me to attend a lot more of them in the future (not just ones that showcase my own work haha.)




I find it fascinating how much people, including myself, buy into the idea of scandal and gossip. It is crazy how a celebrity scandal or feud can consume people’s minds and this can result in huge success for the people involved. Let me give you some examples;

Beyoncé and Jay-Z:
When Beyoncé released her surprise album, ‘lemonade’ back in 2016. The world went absolutely crazy as all of the scandal and gossip surrounding her relationship with rapper Jay-Z had finally been set straight. There were numerous references to their toxic relationship including “dishes smashed on the counter, after our last encounter”, “you aint married to no average bitch boy” and “today I regret the night I put that ring on.” The most famous lyric from the album was “he better call Becky with the good hair” which sent social media crazy as they tried to guess who Beyoncé was referring too. Other issues such as her troublesome relationship with her father were referenced; “Daddy like his whisky with his tea” and the famous elevator outburst from Beyonce’s sister attacks Jay-; “Of course, sometimes shit goes down when there’s a billion dollars in an elevator.” This album saw so much success and sold billions of copies worldwide because of the scandalous element to the album. Shortly after this, Jay-Z released his album which highlighted his version of events. Despite this public bashing they are both still married. You have to respect their business skills and their hustle.

Taylor Swift and her many feuds:
Taylor Swift is another pop star that has taken to exposing her public feuds through her music. In one of her newest music videos she references many of her public feuds in a discreet, yet artistic way. Some of her most famous feuds include Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian. Taylor lays in a bath surrounded by jewels which many believed was a sly dig at the fact Kim Kardashian was robbed at gun point and lots of her jewellery was stolen. Another moment in the ‘Look what you made me do’ music video that sparked controversy was when Taylor was dressed in what looked like an old school Katy Perry ensemble carrying a Grammy whilst the car she was driving crashes. This was supposedly in reference to the fact Taylor Swift has won many Grammy’s and Katy Perry is yet to win one. Many people are also believed to be referenced in the video including Taylor Swifts exes, Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris. It was the controversy that insured the millions of the online views that this video got. It is success like this that inspires other celebrities to name drop about their feuds as people love scandal and this is what causes the mass of success of many artists.

The OJ Simpson trial:
This scandal happened over 10 years ago yet it is still something that is so influential of today.  Rumours circulated that it was OJ Simpson that murdered his wife Nicole Simpson. There has been a new Netflix docuseries based on the trial so it is clear people are still so intrigued in this questionable scandal despite it taking place all those years ago. One of OJ Simpsons lawyers was Rob Kardashian and it was this trial alongside Kim Kardashians sex tape scandal that drew attention to the family which is now the most influential family in the entire world.

It’s clear that scandal sells. Regardless of whether that’s music or TV personalities. The real question is, what would happen if fashion sold around the idea of scandal? How interesting would it be to see designers battle it out and throw shade on the runway about other designers? I personally would love it and I think it could make for a really interesting debate.




The hierarchy is a technique from 1943, created by Abraham Maslow that has helped me and my group look into our consumer on a deeper level. The concept is that you look at the consumers; basic needs, psychological needs and their self- fulfilment needs.

Our consumer is a man, aged 18-25 that lives in London and is a part of generation selfie. He regularly drinks with friends, visits instagrammable coffee shops, goes out clubbing, and always takes care of his appearance.

-       Food
-       Water
-       Warmth
-       Rest
-       Security
-       Safety

-       Close friends that socialise a lot.
-       Too busy building a career for a serious relationship
-       Will still speak to girls for the sake of his own personal pride.
-       Important for him to be seen as successful.
-       A need for his hard work to be recognised.
-       Needs constant praise, support and encouragement.

-       To succeed in work, reaching his full potential.
-       To be seen as powerful.
-       To outdo his competitors and friends.
-       To be surrounded by friends that encourage and praise him.
-       To have his own company
-       To have his own property
-       To eventually have a family that benefits from his success.

I personally found this concept really interesting as it showcases how easy it is to create a consumer profile by just thinking about what it is that a consumer NEEDS in their life. I have found this part of the FCP process very interesting and thought it would be exciting to give an insight into something that is more business related to prove that my uni course isn’t all cutting and sticking haha. It is just something that is a bit different to the usual fashion, opinions and lifestyle content that I usually share.


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