Sunday, 27 May 2018


Anna Wintour is the ultimate fashion icon. As the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue she is one of the most influential women in the entire world that has created such an amazing legacy for herself. Despite this many her intimidating domineer makes her scary and almost unlikable to many. 

She is a powerful, independent woman and I think that this is one of the big reasons as to why people are intimidated. She is a woman that says it exactly how it is and when you actually think about it, if she was a man people wouldn't question it as much. 

One thing that I find really interesting is that Miranda Priestly from 'Devil Wears Prada' is supposedly based on Wintour herself. A former assistant of Anna wrote the book that was later developed into a film which is why so many people think that the character is based on her. I think that it says a lot about Anna Wintour's traditional British sense of humour as she turned up to the premier film wearing Prada. 

Despite Anna Wintour being a huge fashion icon for her statement black glasses alongside her perfectly groomed bob, I think what she is most famous for is the way she has transformed the Met Gala into the Grammy's of fashion events! The Met is one of the most multicultural events of the year with people from all different backgrounds, wether its political, musical or reality tv! Anna has raised over 120 million dollars over the years for the costume institute through the met gala! 



Friday, 25 May 2018


People genuinely think that I'm crazy when I talk about spirituality and I understand that some of it seems so wild and unrealistic. I originally started to become fascinated with spirituality when my sister got some angel cards. We sat and did them and the results were insane. I was so obsessed that I started looking at my horoscope regularly and I even bought my own set of angel cards!

My mum has always gone to see Fortune Tellers, Clairvoyants or whatever you want to call them and I have been so intrigued by it all and have been counting down the days until I could go and see one myself. Although when I turned 18 and the moment came I got a bit scared.

Despite this, a few weeks ago I went to see a Clairvoyant and I can honestly say that the experience was amazing. She knew things about me that there was just no way she could find out. She connected with close family members that have passed aswell as people that I hardly even knew. She did not even know my name so there is no way she could 'look at my Facebook' which is a comment made by almost everyone haha. 

I think I have become addicted to the whole idea of spirituality and I really want to look into it further. 



Wednesday, 23 May 2018


On May 25th a vote will take place in Northern Ireland on wether or not to repeal the 8th amendment of the Irish Constitution. It is basically a law in place that means women cannot legally get abortions. 

If I am completely honest, I think that it is absolutely disgusting that people would think for one second that anyone had the right to enforce someone to keep a baby that they didn't want to. How can people expect women to be treated equally to men when they have no right over their own bodies in the same way that men do? Any Irish person that votes to keep this law is absolutely not a feminist in my opinion. 

It honestly breaks my heart that women in Northern Island have to face that struggle and are forced to keep a baby regardless of their situation or their reasoning behind getting pregnant. Regardless of what happened, wether its something as minor as a one night stand or as serious as being raped, a woman should ALWAYS have the choice. 

Despite this, anyone that knows me will know that I can't stand people that don't take abortion seriously. I can't tolerate people joking about 'just getting rid of it' if they were to accidentally become pregnant. There are many women across the world that would do anything for a child and there are women that have lost their babies so I don't think that anyone should take the decision of getting an abortion lightly. However women should always have the choice. 

 After watching this video (The Undecided Vote) I feel that it really hits the nail on the head. You don't have to agree with abortion, you dont have to have one yourself, but voting yes for Irish women to have the choice will ensure their safety because regardless of the result, women will still have abortions, even if it means fleeing the country, or doing it in a dangerous, non medical way, so why put those women at risk? There are so many women that do this and its highlighted through the 'In Her Shoes' Facebook campaign in which Irish women tell some of their heartbreaking stories. 

I feel as though it is really important for men to speak up and support women at times like this because silence is complicity. This video, (Heartbreak) a piece of spoken word written and spoken by Emmet Kirwan, really touched me. It's about how Irish women are treated and as the video comes to an end it implies that the story is personal to the performer.

The amount of campaigns and creative videos are amazing. It showcases why creativity matters and how it can make a difference to society and politics.




Tuesday, 22 May 2018


The royal wedding was on Saturday and it is something that has sparked a lot of different opinions and controversy across the UK and the rest of the world. It was a beautiful day filled with lots of A list celebrities such as Serena Williams, The Beckhams and Oprah! 

The contraversy behind the event is obviously the tax payers money that had been spent on the day. People were outraged that our country can afford the most elaborate wedding of the year but it couldn't afford to rehouse the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. I have to say that I completely agree. I love a royal wedding as much as the next person, but to blatantley spend a huge amount of money on people that have the most amazing lifestyle already instead of people that are actually homeless through no fault of their own, is disgusting to me. Despite this, I was always going to have a cheeky look at what was happening and what she was wearing! 

 The dress was custom Givenchy, created by the newest artistic director at the house, Clare Waight Keller. Clare is the first ever female artistic director at Givenchy and I believe that this is a political message that Megan Markle is emphasising, empowerment of women. She has previously pledged to empower women during her time as a princess and I have to say, I believe her. 

Breaking the traditions of a royal wedding, like Markle did, cannot be easy when battling against the royal family. She had an amazing gospel choir, full of people o colour, singing on her big day, and I believe this was her way of telling the world, that she will not put up with the racism that has been thrown her way since becoming engaged to Prince Harry. She walked herself down the aisle and didn't promise to 'obey' her husband in her vows, both of these things, I think, were feminist statements. 

Despite the controversy behind the wedding, I have high hopes for Megan Markle as our new princess. I feel as though she will bring female empowerment to the royals in a way we have never seen before. I believe she might have the rebellious nature of Princess Diana and I think the nation will fall in love with her. 



Monday, 21 May 2018


With 90's fashion being one of the leading trends at the moment, I thought about no-one other than the Spice Girls as the most prominent fashion icons of the era. When I was sat thinking about this I came up with a cool idea of writing a blog post on what I would style the girls in today if they were to reunite (which is always an ongoing conversation between their loyal fans.)  It wasn't as difficult as I thought, with their trade mark characteristics, I was instantly able to connect a spice to a brand. 


The instant thought when it comes to Baby Spice is pastel tones. With that, Chanel was the first brand to pop into my mind. Baby Spice was also known for her statement platform knee high boots which are replicated in the Chanel show. Even the length and cut of the dresses in the Chanel show are so similar to what Emma Bunton was rocking back in the 90s and I just feel as though these Chanel looks are the 90's revamp of Baby Spice. 


Ginger Spice was the show girl. Glitz, glamour, sparkle and bold prints were what made her recognisable. Dolce and Gabanna, Moschino and Balmain were the first brands that I thought of but I just feel that D&G topped the other brands with it's showgirl aesthetic. Geri was all about legs and these dresses above really show them off. 


Now we all know very well that if the Spice Girls really were to reunite than there is no way that Posh Spice would wear anything other than Victoria Beckham. The Queen of self promotion. However I do think that these looks are so blatantly referring to the LBD which Victoria has made iconic. The blazer detailing would be a perfect way to showcase the posh element and the slip dress is a direct reference to the 90s, the era in which the Spice Girls were at their prime. 


The obvious reference to Scary Spice in the Versace collection is, of course, the leopard print. However it isn't just this that makes me feel that Versace would be the perfect Scary Spice brand. Mel B was always the most outrageously dressed Spice Girl and I feel that Versace reflects that. She was famous for her co-ords and the third image is a co-ord I can imagine her in. Maybe without the headscarf though haha. 


The first thing I thought about when styling Sporty Spice was the crazy obsession that every body has with cycling shorts at the moment. This then led me to look at Fenty as the perfect brand that embodies the whole athleisure trend. Apart from Posh Spice, the Spice Girls are all about boldness and colour, so Fenty is the perfect athleisure brand to style Mel C in over brands such as Y-3 who are not as colourful. 

If the girls were to reunite, I think that they could become serious fashion icons and take their stereotype character to the extreme through all of these amazing designers. I mean they're all a lot older now so maybe not all of it is age appropriate but I just thought this was a fun idea to play around with. 




Sunday, 20 May 2018



At some point last week I uploaded a few of these final images to my Instagram story and I got quite a few messages questioning what the hell they were haha. To give a bit of context behind the images, we were set a task to create our own fragrance brand, thinking about contexts, the market and the consumers. Our brand came about through the idea of poking fun at male stereotypes through lighthearted humour and we came up with 'Mummy's Boy' as the name of our brand. The 5 sets of images below are for the 5 different fragrances that are part of our brand and these are the campaign photographs. 

The backgrounds for these images were HAND-DRAWN on photoshop and I'm not lying when I say it took HOURS. Luckily we split the work load between our group because if I had to single handedly draw these I think it would have taken me about a month. We then went to a photography studio where we shot these images and if you can imagine some of these photographs without the drawings over the top I'm sure you can see why we had so much fun shooting them haha. We overlaid the images on photoshop with the coloured cartoons that correspond with the theme of the fragrances. 

The names of the fragrances are intentionally comedic and when presenting to our tutors and peers the name 'Two Pumps and a Squirt' tickled many people in the audience.  If we were to release a real campaign for our brand these photographs would be used on social media specifically. We made a mock up of our Instagram which is displayed below. We would create snapchat filters with the cartoons to push our brand forward on multiple social media platforms. Aswell as promoting on social media, these images would be used for most of our branding and used to sell each individual fragrance in store and online.

 This project has been so long, testing and has taken up a lot of time and energy but I feel as though it has all been worth it as I have really surprised myself with my own capabilities. I have really enjoyed this project! 



Friday, 18 May 2018


There are two things that people do at the Met Gala that I really can't stand. People that don't do the theme and people that over do the theme. 

I was so disappointed with Kendall and Kylie's looks this year. Don't get me wrong I think that they both still look absolutely insane but the 'references' (I use that term very loosely) to the theme are just too subtle. I remember hearing in a red carpet interview with Kylie and Alexander Wang that the back of her dress symbolises a thrown!? The look is cool but it just doesn't resonate with the theme in my opinion. 

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott in Alexander Wang. 
Kendall Jenner in Off-White. 

Kendall did look incredible and to collaborate with Off-White is exciting and something quite different. The look is stunning, but I just think its more VMAs than the Met. I can see the subtle references with the corset detailing and the over elbow gloves but I just don't think the reference to the theme is strong enough. 

I love the theatrical element of the Met Ball but I just feel that sometimes people forget the glamour of the event and the looks end up looking a bit like a pantomime costume. With Katy Perry, the only thing interesting about the outfit is the wings. The dress and the boots just look like one of her tour costumes, its just not met gala ready in my opinion. The wings take it to another level and she knew that it would grab peoples attention, but for me personally, putting a pair of oversized wings on a pretty boring dress is a bit of a cop out. 

Katy Perry in Versace. 
Cardi B and Jeremy Scott in Moschino. 
Sarah Jessica Parker in Dolce and Gabanna. 

Cardi B's look would have been one of my favourites if it wasn't for that weird puffy veil. The dress is so beautifully embellished and would look stunning on its own. The headpiece was a little bit off and wasn't secured in the right place and I think that this made the look a bit costume like. There is no room for error at the met gala and in that respect I do feel for these celebrities a little bit. The pressure must be insane. 

AND FINALLY, Sarah Jessica Parker. I don't really have a lot to say apart from the fact she looks like a walking, talking, Ferrero Roche valentines campaign. 


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