Friday, 8 June 2018


With 'Love Island' starting this week, I just thought about writing a blog post on the influencers that the show instantly creates. For the last couple of seasons of 'Love Island'  the show has produced many social media sensations such as Olivia Buckland, Kem Cetinay and Olivia Atwood. Alongside being TV personalities they're also social media influencers promoting products and having their own clothing ranges etc. Since there appearances on the show love islanders have landed jobs on, this morning, Lorraine, dancing one ice and have also collaborated with clothing brands such as 'InTheStyle' and 'Motel Rocks.' 

I think that reality TV is everyones guilty pleasure so its understandable why the show produces so much fame for the contestants. Some of last years islanders have almost 2 million Instagram followers and this years contestants are already raking in the followers before they have even left the show. Eyal Booker has raised his Instagram followers the most out of all the new contestants, with a huge 92,000 more Instagram followers and Danny Dyers daughter, Danni Dyer is the female that has gained the most followers from the show, raising her followers by 69,000 despite the fact the show hasn't even been on a week yet! 

It's crazy how people are so obsessed with the show! It is car crash telly, but I love it! I read something the other day about how the contestants are all so beautiful that they're followers are already quite high and some people are disappointed that the show isn't bringing in 'normal' people, but I also read that the show is not looking for celebrities but the people in your home town, that everyone knows and fancies. 

I'm very excited for this seasons contestants and I think this year, I'm going to be selective on which influencers I choose to follow, because I always end up following too many and then regret it because the ones that don't do so well, fill my timeline with teeth whitening kits and only fans accounts. 




Wednesday, 6 June 2018


In the LRS Studios AW17 show, Raul Solis made a political statement as a proud man of Mexican heritage. With the state of the USA at the time with new President, Donald Trump, Raul Solis sent models down his runway bearing all in with underwear reading 'No Ban No Wall' and 'Fuck Your Wall.' 

This issue was extremely important to Raul Solis and he stated; "It would seem wasteful to have a platform and not be able to speak up on an issue that is extremely important."

The rest of the collection was based on "rebellious youth" and a "celebration of fun and creative rebellion." The collection is full of metallic and glitter and the creative, fun rebellious nature of the collection is what is needed in Trump's America.  

I personally love the idea of using politics within fashion shows. I think that what Solis said about having a platform and using it for good is so important. Bigger brands, with higher budgets and wider audiences, should take a similar more direct approach and stop being so scared to have a clear strong opinion on issues. Fashion, Art, Music; its all an expression of yourself and of your own opinions so I don't understand why more brands are not pushing similar political statements forward in a world that is so evidently full of strain and challenge for many people due to the political happenings of today.





On the 9th and 10th of June I will be attending Parklife festival and I don’t think I could be more underprepared. Luckily this festival doesn’t include camping and therefore I get to stay in an actual bed rather than some groggy tent. Trust me, I’m not the camping type. 

I wouldn’t describe myself as a germaphobe but the portaloos are already giving me the absolute fear! I went to V festival a few years ago and those portaloos were traumatic. Not even a bandana wrapped around my face drowning in aftershave could prevent me from throwing up in my mouth. 

Apart from the portaloos however, I am super excited for the event. The only thing I have planned is my outfits and to be fair, even those I’ve done in the past few days. I know it’s probably really shallow of me to say, but getting dressed up for festivals is probably the best part for me, don’t get me wrong, I love all the music and being around my friends but putting on a fun outfit that you would only get away with at a festival is definitely the best part. 

Despite this festival leaving me very much out of pocket, I can’t wait and I think it will be worth every penny. 




Monday, 4 June 2018


Whilst researching for my most recent project I came across the website called 'The Loop' which is an organisation that promotes safety in drug use through testing at club events or festivals. Whilst researching I found a list of ways to be safer when using drugs that I think that everyone needs to read. I have found researching this so interesting because I know so many people that do use drugs regularly and I think that it is helpful to know what to do to prevent things getting out of hand.  

I think that its a really obvious thing to say, but people always seem to forget about it when they've had a drink, even myself at times. But sticking together and looking after each other is so important. I think that it is important to note that if someone is in a really bad way on drugs or alcohol, the staff are not there to judge or penalise people, but to help them. Getting kicked out of a nightclub for being in a bad way is not as bad as friend being carried away in an ambulance.

I know that on a night out its easy to loose friends and stuff, but its important to stay in contact through your phone or have regular meet up points. It sounds so riduculous and obviously isn't for all cases. On a night out in your local club you probably don't need to have a regular meet up point, but at big events and festivals it is probably a good idea. 

If a friend is in a bad way, or wants to leave early and they are in a fit state to get themselves home safely, put them in a taxi and take note of the car registration number!

Ive been to a few festivals and the state I have seen some people on from using drugs is so disturbing. I understand that people use drugs to have a good time and a lot of the time people are still in control. When they loose control of themselves and become quite frankly, scary to look at, then I think there is an issue. I think that 'The Loop' is such an incredible organisation because regardless of wether people agree with it or not, young people are going to use drugs so its important that they are at least doing it as safely as possible. I think getting your drugs tested confidentially, without having them taken off you is a good way of ensuring no-one is doing drugs that are going to instantly kill them which is happened so many times over the years. For people that are going to their first festival, drugs can be very tempting and it is likely that people will try it for the first time so its important that they at least have the option to ensure their safety and have all the information they need. 

I don't really understand why people wouldn't use services such as 'The Loop' at festivals and club events. Its nothing but laziness really. I don't have an issue with people that use drugs but I just think that they should use it as safely as possible because that pill you put in your mouth could literally kill you. In my opinion its really important to educate yourself on anything you do, especially something as serious as drug use. 





Why is the world so obsessed with celebrity families? 

It’s crazy when you think about all of the famous families that have been around over the past few years and how obsessed people have been with them. Wether it’s the OG’s of reality TV, ‘The Osbourne’s’ or the latest global obsession, ‘The Kardashians.’ 

Just off the top of my head I can list numerous famous families that people couldn’t stop being infatuated by: 
-The Osbourne’s 
-The Hilton’s 
-The Beckhams 
-The Lohans 
-The Kardashians 
-The Hadids 

I think the reason why people love these families is because family drama is so entertaining. People can relate to them all falling out and making up 10 minute later and also being there for each other when it is needed. When this is seen on screen people just become hooked. 

The families that people are most obsessed with are those with their own reality TV shows and those that don’t have reality shows are completely run by scandal and celebrity gossip. As a generation that loves car crash tv, I think many people aspire to become something from just their personality. People have such a negative opinion of reality stars but I just think if you can make a career out of literally being yourself then why on earth would you not? 

These famous families have become more than just entertainment now. They have become business’s machines that produce starlet children. I think that it must put such a strain on family dynamics when business decisions are merged with family morals. The big question is wether or not it’s morally right. My answer is that I don’t really know or care, I enjoy watching and be engaged with these families as well as the next person and I just think there’s bigger things in the world to worry about rather than wether or not the Kardashians are actually happy. 





Sunday, 3 June 2018


Whilst researching for my project I came across the macro trend about being 'in touch' with yourself. I think that it is a really interesting an exciting trend to inspire lots of exciting things in the next few years. As a generation we are very superficial and self-obsessed but I feel a thought that can't last forever and eventually we are going to want to connect with things that touch us personally. Wether thats buying a product, having a new experience or new technology, if it is in touch with our emotions, then it will be something everyone will relate too and want. 
WGSN said this about the macro trend: "In a time of constant change, consumers swing between obsessively tracking their personal data, social media and the news to wanting to opt out entirely. One thing is for sure, by next year people will want to get back in touch with the things that touch them, both emotionally and physically, including sexuality, moods, microbes and food."
If I'm honest I can't really imagine people want to opt out of social media entirely. Its something that is part of youth culture and I would go as far as to say its become a bit of an addiction for people. However I can see the benefit in it. If someone writes a tweet and it gets enough likes or retweets, people believe it regardless of the facts or evidence behind it. Its actually quite dangerous, and its the same with the news, its scary how brainwashed we all are about whats going on. Sometimes I think am I being brainwashed into thinking were all being brainwashed. I think the truth is no-one really has a clue whats going on so sometimes its best to just admit defeat and not even try and figure it out. 
I actually think that this trend will make my generation a happier one. I think were all so consumed in what everyone else is doing, and I think we all need time to ourselves sometimes.


Friday, 1 June 2018


1. People have completely different ideas of how far 'banter' stretches. I think its a cultural difference depdeding on where you are from but I've found that a lot of people can be easily offended. Where I'm from, people are so horrible to each other and we all find it really funny. It's like, the more nasty and horrible you are to a person, the closer friends you are. It sounds insane but thats just how it is. Don't get me wrong, I've met people who have very similar banter to me (in the sense that we are equally as mean to each other haha) and we've really clicked, but I have had a few occasions where I have unintentionally offended someone. I have the worst guilty conscience, so I feel so bad whenever I upset anyone and almost all of the time, once I explain myself, people laugh about it. It is definitely something that I have had to adjust to since moving to university. 

2. I absolutely love being at uni. My course is interesting and I feel as though I am actually starting to gain knowledge and understand where the course is going, which was something that I didn't really understand earlier on in the year. But the social side of uni is obviously something that everyone loves. I have had so much fun since being at uni and Ive learnt that I can actually consumer a lot more alcohol than I thought I could.

3. If you think you are going to come to uni and find your dream husband, think again. Get that idea RIGHT out of your head haha. It just doesn't happen! If you are anything like me, you have a list on your phone of wedding songs, baby names and even dog names. That is a normal thing to do isn't it?  

All jokes aside I think that the main thing I have learnt since being at uni is that balancing life between, friends at home, socialising with friends at uni, seeing family, nights out, lectures, seminars, uni work, washing up, doing laundry, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying sane is NOT EASY. Props to my Mum, I really don't know how she does it all. 


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